Passive Health Monitoring for Assisted Living Facilities

Monitor the wellness and safety of your elderly residents 24/7 -- without wearables

Around the clock monitoring.

Adult children have high quality of care standards for their aging parents. Care professionals supervise an average of twenty-three (23) residents at any one time. They cannot be in all places once. Enter: QVNTRA. Our passive monitoring system continuously monitors residents to be there when you cannot. We are able to monitor the following activities:

Resting Vital Signs

Bed Occupancy


Potential UTIs



Kitchen Stove 'ON'



Fast and easy setup.

Other monitoring solutions require lengthy construction plans, running wires and drilling. QVNTRA doesn't even require tools. Peel and stick all of our wireless sensors in just a few minutes per room - or let one of our professionals do it for you.

Empowered Care Professionals.

Assisted living workloads are increasing. Traditional rounds for checking-in on residents can be disruptive. Resident accidents don't always happen under direct supervision.

QVNTRA monitors resident's wellness and safety around the clock. The system pushes notifications and critical alerts for care professionals to take informed action.

We help care professionals scale their most valuable superpower - caring for our elderly loved ones.

No wearables.

Elderly individuals don't like, forget to charge and lose wearable devices. QVNTRA does not use wearables. End-stop. With elegant and sleek design, the system simply "blends-in" to the environment while monitoring of wellness and safety of elderly residents.

No cameras or microphones.

Elderly individuals want more safety and wellness monitoring, but they are not willing to sacrifice their privacy or personal dignity for it. QVNTRA does not use cameras or microphones.

Caregiving in harmony

With QVNTRA, elderly Individuals feel cared for, their adult children feel comforted and care professionals feel empowered.‚Äč